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We Service San Diego County within a 60 Minute Response Time!

Water Damage mitigation is a process that requires expertise and TLC. North County Water Damage /Mr. Flood Fixer provides emergency water damage cleanup and mold mitigation, to San Diego County. Water Intrusion if not immediately attended to can destroy a property. Water damage and/or Mold require immediate extraction/clean up, drying,and or mitigation. Hiring a professional Water Damage Restoration/Mold mitigation & repair company will ensure that all parts of your home that have been damaged by flooding are clean, dry and free from contaminates. Rest assured with North County Water Damage / Mr Flood Fixer.

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#1 We strive to be the cleanest mitigation company in the San Diego Water Damage industry.

A North County San Diego based 24 Hour Emergency Service Water Damage and Mold Removal Company. North County Water Damage / Mr Flood Fixer uses state of the art Water Damage and Flood drying techniques that involve heat energy as the major resource in the drying out of your structure. We arrive prepared to handle all Water Damage and Mold situations big or small. Broken Water Pipe call us! Sink Overflow, Bathtub Overflow, Dishwasher Overflow or your entire Home Is Flooded, call us! If you have a Wet Wood Floor, check out my video on this website showing Water Damage Wet Wood Floors and call us!

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If you have a Wet Wood Floor, check out my video on this website showing Water Damage Wet Wood Floors and call us! In this video North County Water Damage / Mr Flood Fixer dries a Wet Wood Floor using the latest San Diego Water Damage drying techniques and equipment

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Check out the video on this website Black Mold Removal. In this video North County Water Damage / Mr Flood Fixer Removes Mold using the latest Mold Removal technique “Goldmorr".

Mold, Black Mold, Mold Removal and Goldmorr:
San Diego
is the perfect climate for Mold to grow. And North County Water Damage can Remove Mold in your home using the Goldmorr technique with little to no tear-out and Remove Mold in as little as one day. North County Water Damage is an excellent choice for Mold Removal, Black Mold Removal and Mold Mitigation in San Diego. If you have a Flood, Act Fast! Mold and Black Mold can grow within hours of a Water Damage moisture intrusion incident.

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Mr. Flood Fixer Safety Precautions:
Here are a few key elements to water damage safety you can implement prior to us arriving at your residence or business:
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  • Do not walk into standing water as it may be an electrical shock hazard.
  • Wet = slippery. Use caution stepping from carpeted areas to solid surfaces.
  • Stop the water source. If it is a supply line, shut off the valve.
  • Do not try to clean or remove raw sewage yourself.
  • Drain water out of the area if possible will help minimize damage.
  • Ensure we have parking as close as possible to the entry.
  • Don’t panic. If you feel overwhelmed, leave the area and get some fresh air.

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We understand due to unfortunate circumstances we are in your dwelling and your space. Mr. Flood Fixer is an IICRC certified company and licensed general contractor in the State of California. We are professionally trained and prepared to handle any Water Loss & Water Damage situation. Hopefully, you’ll never need our services…but if you do, you can count on us to handle your San Diego NORTH COUNTY WATER DAMAGE Restoration & Cleanup with professional care! We are the cleanest in the restoration business. We strive to keep your building clean.

Don't Delay-Let our Water Damage emergency service help you get your life back in order. If you experience a Water Damage situation or have Mold, - Call NORTH COUNTY WATER DAMAGE / MR FLOOD FIXER, the San Diego Water Damage & San Diego Mold removal experts. CALL NOW! 760 310-1780 We are ready to take your call!
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